Teknotherm Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Your High Temperature Consultant

It was established to introduce products that provide energy saving, increase product quality and efficiency in production.
It was established to provide from its stock at affordable prices. Our product range has expanded in the last 34 years with the participation of new products.

Corporate Corporate


Teknotherm offers manufacturers and users many equipments, especially insulation, refractory, heating systems, of all kinds of industrial furnaces, from aluminum to iron steel, enamel to heat treatment sector.


Tekfiber Ceramic fiber blakets made from püre Alumina powder, pure silica and Zirconia Sand.

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Bulk Fiber

Tekfiber Bulk ceramic fibers are best quality raw ceramic fibers which made from high purity Alumina, silica and Zirconia.

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Tekfiber modules are ready to use products which are specialy produced for 1260 and 1430°C.

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Tekfiber plates are rigid and high quality boards with low heat conduction coefficient which are produced from high purity raw materials such as synthetic

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Tekfiber papers made of ceramic fibers have wide range of application area. It is also used as an expansion joints as a gasket material in many places whe

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Our Values

“To increase our domestic and international market share by creating and sharing the highest added value with our customers and employees and to maintain our leading position by further strengthening the trust and brand image of Teknotherm products.”


Our Mission

“We are in service for the high temperature working industry, quality-enhancing, decreasing energy and production costs, making the research of new technological products, informing its customers about products, meeting their needs as soon as possible in the most appropriate way, establishing long-lasting and trust-oriented relationships with customers in the form of partnership solutions with knowledge, creativity and quality service, constantly improving and renewing itself, the first preferred strong company with its pioneer and honest features in the sector.”


Our Vision

"Our vision is to create the highest added value together with our customers and employees and increase our Market share here and abroad, and strengthening the brand image and confidence in Teknotherm products and while maintaining our leadership position and meeting common goals and expectations to be the best provider in the industry."